Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trans-Am Gundog

Because Jabman025 requested it.

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  1. Wow your back!!!Loving the sketches Henry! Hope to see much more! happened to stumble upon this through twitter. Curious were the gn drive goes? lol. Anyway I always was a fan of your art and i always had respect for your channel because it was based on using gunpla as a 3d canvas for painting instead of just snapping it together and reviewing it, and as a airbrush artist myself when i found your channel all that time ago it was a breathe of fresh air to find a new medium for me to paint on and there are many great gunpla painters but not many knew how to make and maintain a professional channel like you did for all that time, and i thank you for all that free content. Although i know it has been quite sometime since you have uploaded to your channel, (Not going to lie i would love to see you paint another kit ) May i suggest that even if you did a fast forward time lapse of your sketches that would be great content, keep up the good work!